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Artmex V6 Digital semi Permanent Make Up Tattoo Machine

Item No.: Artmex V6
Description Features&Advantages

(1) V8V6 material: ABS material, piano baking paint, injection molding, exquisite and beautiful. V3 using aluminum box integrated packaging.
(2) Features:
      Technical characteristics:
① Pigment implanted in the skin can be maintained for 5-8 years;
② Painless (anesthetic cream), no scar, slight swelling, mature technology, good market.
Product characteristics:
1. 7-inch color touch screen, PMU + MTS dual module;
2. with multiple language settings, the regular language is English;
3. Customizable; body, pen body, opening interface LOGO, advanced development customization: system, product appearance, etc.
4、Double pen design, PMU (embroidery class), and MTS (micro-needle treatment) free with, can save time to change needles.
5、Intelligent sensor switch, put in the pen holder to stop working, take out their own start, convenient and quick.
6. Double pens work at the same time, a machine can be used by two people at the same time, saving costs and improving efficiency.
7. The pen body design is beautiful, compact, and lightweight, the right center of gravity, using imported Swiss motors, 12V motor power, speed, noise, heat, small pen vibration, ultra-time work hand not numb, and 10-speed adjustment.
1. round small console, with a special pen rest, solid keys, and a monochrome screen that can be really current mode and speed.
2. Single pen, lightweight design, fast speed, low noise, 10-speed adjustment.
3. High-cost performance, and exquisite packaging.
4. Custom LOGO, advanced customization.
1. Aluminum case all-in-one machine, console, and aluminum case in one, suitable for work on the go, large internal space, easy to carry.
2. Simple operation, only switch and speed control, touch keys, single stroke, light design, fast speed, low noise, 10-speed adjustment.
3. No similar products on the market, high-cost performance.
4. Custom LOGO, advanced customization.
V series PMU needles features:
PMU disposable one-piece needle, fast coloring, steady movement, no jitter, shared with V3, V6 needles, imported from Korea, blister medical packaging, there are 5 types of needles: 1 needle (round), 3 needles (round), 5 needles (round), row 5, row 7
Optimization performed by V series MTS:
①Adjustable depth (needle length), other peer products, no scale or scale is not accurate.
② high precision, adjustable scale (0 - 3.0mm)
③MTS blue needle, using the latest Lotus needle design, to deal with the uneven skin surface to move more smoothly, with a special needle cap, to protect the needle tip, blister medical packaging. Needle style: M9, M12, M24, M36, M42, Nano

permanent make up machine cosmetic tattoo pen
(1) The pen is tuned for its moderate weight and length, in line with ergonomic design;
(2) Very small jitter when working, long working hours, hands will not be numb
(3) Good quality needle, fast coloring, stable movement, no shaking, imported from Korea
(1) blue needle, lotus head, with protective cap, blister packaging (than the general paper bag packaging high-grade)
(2) fast speed, low noise, a variety of needle selection (number of needles, materials)
(3) novel shape, with a professional console in line with the next generation of electric microneedle design trends.
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