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Unveiling the Differences Between Low, Medium, and High Configuration Dual-Wavelength Laser Equipment: 980nm+1470nm

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Author : Jack
Update time : 2024-03-28 13:55:55
When it comes to choosing the right dual-wavelength laser equipment for your aesthetic beauty needs, understanding the differences between low, medium, and high configurations is crucial. In this article, we'll delve into the intricacies of these configurations, focusing on the 980nm+1470nm dual-wavelength setup.

Dual-wavelength equipment is available in low, medium, and high. The following will illustrate the difference between them from 8 aspects:

1. The power is different.
2. Different ways of interface output.
3. The significance of separate and simultaneous output.
4. Is the function the same?
5. Can the lower output be separated?
6. Is the internal structure the same?
7. Is the size and weight the same?
8. How to identify whether 1470nm is real or fake?

1. Power Variations:
  • Low Configuration: Features 980nm20W + 1470nm3W configuration, with only simultaneous output of both wavelengths possible.
  • Medium Configuration: Offers 980nm20W+1470nm9W configuration, allowing independent output for both wavelengths.
  • High Configuration: Provides 980nm30W+1470nm9W configuration, similar to the medium version but with higher power for 980nm.

    The low version of the power of 980nm20W + 1470nm3W configuration, because the power of the 1470nm laser is only 3 watts, so it is called low, this configuration only supports the simultaneous output of light with the 980nm wavelength. 1470nm laser can not work independently of the power shown on the page for the sum of the two wavelengths: 23W.
    Medium version The power is 980nm20W+1470nm9W configuration, the configuration of 980 lasers can be output alone, and 1470nm laser can also work independently. 2 wavelengths can also work at the same time. Users can choose their own wavelengths, both wavelengths can be individually set wattage.
    High-end version Power 980nm30W+1470nm9W configuration, the same as the middle version, only 980nm power is higher.

2. Interface Output Methods:
Low Configuration: Supports only simultaneous output.
Medium and High Configurations: Allow separate and simultaneous output, offering greater flexibility in wavelength selection.

3. Significance of Separate and Simultaneous Output:
Medium and High Configurations: Enable the 1470nm laser to work independently, catering to specific treatment needs.
Ideal for clients seeking exclusive 1470nm wavelength treatments.

The significance of separate and simultaneous lies in whether the 1470nm laser can work independently by itself or not, the 1470 of the low-end version can not work independently, while the 1470 of the middle and high-end version can work independently.
When the customer only wants to use 1470 as the wavelength, only the medium-high configuration can be satisfied. 1470nm has the advantage that other wavelengths can not be replaced.

4. Functionality:
Regardless of output mode, all configurations offer the same functionality.
Various treatments include lipolysis, skin rejuvenation, pain physiotherapy, and more, with 1470nm wavelength providing superior results.

Take the lipolysis function as an example, 980 single-function lipolysis, 1470 single-function lipolysis, and 980 + 1470 single-function lipolysis, are the same function, just the effect, the sense of experience is not the same, the 1470 effect is the best.
980 + 1470 dual-wavelength can do the following functions: de-erythematization instrument, de-gray nail, pain physiotherapy, skin rejuvenation and anti-inflammatory, eczema and herpes, lipolysis surgery, varicose vein surgery, hemorrhoidal surgery, cutting type of surgery and so on. It can be customized according to the user's needs.

5. Output Flexibility:
Low Configuration: This does not support separate output for 1470nm.
Medium and High Configurations: Allow independent output for both wavelengths, offering customizable treatment options.

6. Internal Structure:
Low Configuration: Compact internal structure with a single control module.
Medium and High Configurations: Larger internal structure with separate control modules for each wavelength.

7. Size and Weight:
Packaging size remains consistent across configurations.
Medium and High Configurations: Slightly 1-2kg heavier due to larger internal components.

8. Identifying Real vs Fake 1470nm Lasers:
Professional test films can differentiate between real and fake 1470nm lasers.
980nm appears greenish, while 1470nm appears yellowish on the test board.

The following chart shows the color of different wavelengths of light on a professional test board: 980 is greenish, 1470 is yellowish.

Video presentation:

In conclusion, selecting the right dual-wavelength laser equipment configuration depends on your specific treatment requirements and preferences. Consider factors like power, output flexibility, and internal structure to make an informed decision that meets your aesthetic beauty goals.
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